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Nutrition & Disease

Nutrition paves the basic foundation for health and disease. It’s a science of food and it deals with the process of ingestion, transportation, & utilization of nutrients and disposal of their end products. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine has hypothesized around 300BC that “an age will come when thy food will be thy medicine, and medicine thy food”.

Whole world is changing very fast, and likewise our nature of food and food habits. All of us feel that we all are getting adequate food. Most of us are aware of specific nutrients, its RDA level and deficiency status. Most are not aware of the fact that RDA levels are only just enough to prevent specific nutritional deficiencies. To a greater extent we have achieved that. But, changing lifestyle has lead to different problems. Technological and scientific discoveries made people believe that medicines can cure all these diseases. The fact remained just opposite. Cellular changes in the early phase will take many years to be detected as diseases and by that time it will be late, and available treatment will help in prolonging life, but in pitiable health. Today what we face is synergistic malnutrition. It’s very difficult to identify early clinically as well as through high-tech diagnostics. Most are being diagnosed only in the irrecoverable last stage of diseases.

Most of us have a false belief that we are all getting adequate food and hence no deficiencies. Before making further comments, just scan through the following -

  • Cultivation techniques
  • Storage method of the crops
  • Distribution channels of food materials
  • House-hold storage
  • Cooking methods
  • Food habits
  • Fast food culture
  • Lack of proper control over food and food products


All the latest research and other findings prove that we are not getting adequate quantities of nutrients to lead a healthy life in this highly toxic world, and almost all the diseases of the present world are due to nutritional deficiencies. Hence, as father of modern medicine predicted nutrients are taking the role of medicine in health care. Nutritional therapy has the following roles to play –

    • Prevention of diseases
    • Preventing complications of diseases
    • As complementary medicine to conventional medical treatment
    • Treatment of diseases.
    • Reversing the process of diseases
    • Reversing pre-mature aging and subsequent challenges
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